Friday, August 8, 2008

All Moved

So we have finally settled somewhat in Ponchatoula. It is a big adjustment seeing as how we went from a 3 bedroom mobile home to a 2 bedroom apt with 4 people. I am only 10 minutes from school now vs 45 minutes. David still has about the same drive to work since Gonzales is pretty much a halfway point. William shares a room with my father in law which has worked out better than we expected. We put him down the same time we always have and my father in law stays up and watched tv so by the time he goes to bed, William is really sacked out. As far as my mom goes, she slammed the door in my face Sunday after I dropped off the house keys, and well that was the last time I have seen her. She needs to grow up and stop doing her little fantasy things. She hates David even though he has never done her a thing, so by doing that she has lost William and I. When it comes down to it, I dont think she really cares. She never saw William much anyway and we lived across the street. Its really a shame. She sent me an email saying how I am going to keep him from her, well she never wanted to see him or keep him when she had the chance, so I don't know what the difference is now. Anyway, we are thinking of our Disney trip and my graduation, so happy times coming up. I am so excited. The baby plans are still on, hopefully now that we are settled and away from her, my nerves can rest. I was always so stressed out living by her having to listen to all of the mean things about David. It is raining here and I think supposed to be rainig all day. William and my father in law are watching Little Einsteins.

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doodyheadmiller said...

oh sweetpie! I'm glad you are all moved and happy where you are at. but I seriously know how you feel. but mine has officially backed off completely. we hardly talk, but it's best that way. lord we can talk can't we? I'll call you tomorrow!