Monday, June 30, 2008

Disneyworld Bound

So we made arrangements for Dec 17-21. Family members made excuses of course. David and I knew that. We shall have loads of fun without them. My mom obviously cannot go becauause she works retail and it is the week before Christmas. But........I have been showing William the website and teaching him things. We should be good to go by Dec. David and I are excited. That is all for now. 1 more month of school left and 5 months till I graduate.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happen' Stuff

Showing daddy he peed in his potty

Ok, I think the last post was shortly after Father's Day. Since then, nothing much has happened. David and I went to see Styx and Boston, we had 5th row seats. I was loving every minute of it. School is still school. I am ready to be out. William is getting smarter and bigger every day. I love being home with him, the hugs are endless and the fun is never ending, trust me, he ate cat food the other day. See how much fun I have. There is something to be said for a major hug from a 16 month old, cute little boy. LOVE THEM!! So the only BIG news I have is...................we are going to DISNEYWORLD!!!!!! I am so excited. We will be gone Dec 17-21, in time for my 28 b-day and to see the Christmas stuff. Yes we are bringing William. I wish it was next Thats all for now.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Father's Day

This is my one of my favorite pics of David and William.

Yesterday was a bittersweet day as it has been for 3 years. My thoughts were on my dad as they had been all week. I have never brought myself to visit my dad's grave, yet I go to Alex's often. I guess because I am still angry and have not gotten over him dying. The more I think about how it could have been avoided, the angrier I get. He was supposed to be here to see his grandchildren, not watch them from far away. I guess maybe I am selfish for wanting him here, even though, we argued a lot. We were so alike in many ways, I never thought I would miss him as much as I have.

On another note. David, William and I had a great day. we kicked off Father's Day weekend Saturday with a breakfast at The Broken Egg. It had been a while since we have been there. Then it was off to Fischer's party, where William got filthy and had the best time. Sunday, we went to Bj's Brewhouse. It just opened last Monday. It was awesome and we will be going back. David got a free mug that has Father's Day 2008 and a free mini pizza for when we go back. Other than tht we just hung out like we do every weekend. I should have done homwork sometime this past weekend, but I procrastinated, we were having fun. So today I will be doing hw all day with a 1 yr old at my

Monday, June 9, 2008

Feeling hot hot hot

Oh my gosh is it hot outside. William and I stay in the aircondition all day, while David is out in the heat. We had a good anniversary. David was tired and so was I. I think we were in bed for He had to go to Dallas that day and then turn around and go to Houston friday. It was a busy week for him. School is ok so far. 3 hours is just so long. William has 4 new teeth coming out, which will bring his total up to 9. We also got him a potty over the weekend. He loves it. Everytime we potty, he sits on his seat. We are just getting him used to it before we actually start making him pee in it. Thats about all for now. William just went to bed and David and I are about to eat some enchiladas.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

4 yr anniversary

Today, is David and I's four yr anniversary. What we have been through in 4 years, some people never go through in a lifetime. From getting married, losing my dad, 1 wk later finding out Alex had a heart condition, 3 months later..Alex dying, 4 months later finding out we were pregnant again and 9 months later, our greatest joy, other than Alex, William Edward arrived. How is that for a timeline. Now, I have 6 more months of school left and operation baby no. 3 is underway, no luck yet though. David wants 12 kids...I brought him down to five. He had to go to Dallas this morning and I started back to summer school. Later this evening we will be headed out to eat, David says no matter how I am going to hopefully get a nap in while William is sleeping to. Its hard to sit three hours in an Econ class..YUCK!!