Monday, June 9, 2008

Feeling hot hot hot

Oh my gosh is it hot outside. William and I stay in the aircondition all day, while David is out in the heat. We had a good anniversary. David was tired and so was I. I think we were in bed for He had to go to Dallas that day and then turn around and go to Houston friday. It was a busy week for him. School is ok so far. 3 hours is just so long. William has 4 new teeth coming out, which will bring his total up to 9. We also got him a potty over the weekend. He loves it. Everytime we potty, he sits on his seat. We are just getting him used to it before we actually start making him pee in it. Thats about all for now. William just went to bed and David and I are about to eat some enchiladas.

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