Saturday, June 28, 2008

Happen' Stuff

Showing daddy he peed in his potty

Ok, I think the last post was shortly after Father's Day. Since then, nothing much has happened. David and I went to see Styx and Boston, we had 5th row seats. I was loving every minute of it. School is still school. I am ready to be out. William is getting smarter and bigger every day. I love being home with him, the hugs are endless and the fun is never ending, trust me, he ate cat food the other day. See how much fun I have. There is something to be said for a major hug from a 16 month old, cute little boy. LOVE THEM!! So the only BIG news I have is...................we are going to DISNEYWORLD!!!!!! I am so excited. We will be gone Dec 17-21, in time for my 28 b-day and to see the Christmas stuff. Yes we are bringing William. I wish it was next Thats all for now.

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