Thursday, March 12, 2009


The maternal fetal visit went great. She had her hands over her face, but we got a good shot of the heart and everything is there. I go back in 4 weeks just because they normally do the heart sono after 20 weeks and I was only 17, but she is perfect. Time to start shopping.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Its a GIRL

Finally the day David and I have been waiting for. It started off stressful when I first went to the u/s office. They didn't want to give me an u/s because I go to maternal fetal tomorrow and the insurance would only pay for one, they didn't want me getting stuck with the maternal fetal bill. So off to my dr appt I went. I had William and luckily my mom came after working a half day at work. The dr gets out his doppler and cannot find the heartbeat. We could however hear the movement and kicks. Plus all day Sunday she was moving around. So back to the u/s office we went, with me worried. By this time I had enough and William was getting hungry and tired. The first thing we saw on the screen was the heart beating away. She was laying backside up with the heart under my ribs, which is why he could not find it. Her knees were bent and her feet were underneath her butt. We did get the infamous shots and after 2 boys, whom I love dearly, I could see no Mama of course had no clue what she was looking at. Finally I get my girl. David came up with the name Ireland. Grace was going to be the middle name no matter what. I liked Abigail, but I have always liked Ireland, just not sure that David would. Afer tomorrow, we will really be able to breathe a little easier. But so far so good. The only thing David could think of was now when we go to Disneyworld, we have to go to the princess stuff too.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Baby on the way

Baby Adams will make his/her appearance around Aug 15, 2009.

Saturday, November 29, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!!!!

I love this time of the year...CHRISTMAS TIME!!!! Everything about it from the music to the lights..just the atmosphere in general. I have finished my shopping, spenidng way to much money on William, but isn't that what its all about. Going shopping Wed for David, Jessica and a few more things for my neice and then I will officially be done. I have now realized there are tons of Hannah Montana things in this world. Everywhere you look. 2 weeks is graduation and then our trip to the mountains and then FINALLY Danya's wedding...hehe!!! Gotta finish getting my stuff for that. Its time for wrapping gifts after that. My closet is full between the trainset and basketball goal and other things. Hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

New plans for December

Last night we were looking at what all we had planned for the upcoming months. A ton of things, so we made a decision to cancel the Disney trip and go to Asheville instead in Dec rather than to go in Jan. It was going to be to many trips back to back. We will get all of our money back from the Disney trip...thank goodness. David and I are going to take William for a ride on the Polar Express which is in Bryson City, NC (its actually just like the movie, with singing and hot cocoa) and I get to go to the Biltmore. We got our relocation package in the mail yesterday. We have 2 apts in mind that we are going to checkout while we are there plus SHOP!!! I would love to be sleeping at the moment, but I have to get ready for school..yeah.. :(

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Slumber Party

So my mom is on vacation this week. I was heading over there today to get my bridesmaid dress and to buy her lunch. She called me yesterday and asked if William and I wanted to sleep i said sure. I play hooky from my mgmt 475 class(employment law) and come home pack and head out. She made beef stew and as soon as we sat down to eat, the power goes out...YEAH!!! So we ate, rushed to paw paw's to watch Big Brother and head home. She thought she had turned out the lights so we all settle in the living room on mattresses, me on the couch for the night...BOOM at 10:00 pm the lights turn back on...ummm....we didn't turn off the lights like we thought. WE jumped up at hurried up turning all the lights off so William will stay sleeping. Today, lunch at Bj's, picked up my bridesmaid dress and goofed off. One of the best days I have had in a while.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a week!!!

I hope everyone did ok during Gustav. We lost power Mon afternoon at 2 and got it back Tues evening at 6. The man who owns the apts here is on some board with the city so that helped. Moving on...apparently someone who stayed here was sick, so me, David, and my father in law all came down with a virus. 3 adults who are sick and a little boy who wants to play is not a good mixture. William was very attentive to me kisses all day. He had a little dirrhea but I am not sure if that is from teething since he is cutting his final teeth or part of the virus. At least no stomach upchucks from him. Thats about all, back to school today. I'm sure they will have a stupid amount of work for us to do. David and I have already started calling apts in Asheville to move. One of his bosses' sisters and her husband just up and moved there a couple of years ago, just left everthing here and left. They love it and offered David and I a tour when we go in Jan. We wont be moving untill sometime in March or April after the income tax returns. I am ready and wish it were tomorrow. I need to get a shower and try to eat something before heading to school.