Tuesday, September 9, 2008

What a week!!!

I hope everyone did ok during Gustav. We lost power Mon afternoon at 2 and got it back Tues evening at 6. The man who owns the apts here is on some board with the city so that helped. Moving on...apparently someone who stayed here was sick, so me, David, and my father in law all came down with a virus. 3 adults who are sick and a little boy who wants to play is not a good mixture. William was very attentive to me..giving me kisses all day. He had a little dirrhea but I am not sure if that is from teething since he is cutting his final teeth or part of the virus. At least no stomach upchucks from him. Thats about all, back to school today. I'm sure they will have a stupid amount of work for us to do. David and I have already started calling apts in Asheville to move. One of his bosses' sisters and her husband just up and moved there a couple of years ago, just left everthing here and left. They love it and offered David and I a tour when we go in Jan. We wont be moving untill sometime in March or April after the income tax returns. I am ready and wish it were tomorrow. I need to get a shower and try to eat something before heading to school.

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