Thursday, June 5, 2008

4 yr anniversary

Today, is David and I's four yr anniversary. What we have been through in 4 years, some people never go through in a lifetime. From getting married, losing my dad, 1 wk later finding out Alex had a heart condition, 3 months later..Alex dying, 4 months later finding out we were pregnant again and 9 months later, our greatest joy, other than Alex, William Edward arrived. How is that for a timeline. Now, I have 6 more months of school left and operation baby no. 3 is underway, no luck yet though. David wants 12 kids...I brought him down to five. He had to go to Dallas this morning and I started back to summer school. Later this evening we will be headed out to eat, David says no matter how I am going to hopefully get a nap in while William is sleeping to. Its hard to sit three hours in an Econ class..YUCK!!


Brittany said...

Happy Anniversary:) I hope you guys have a great night.

The Broussard Family said...

Holy crap

4 years already

man and I am just getting started...hehe


you are at 4 Becky is at 6 and Carrie at 5 and Jill at 3