Monday, May 12, 2008

3 little words

My little boy can say "I love you". How cool is that. The best feeling in the world. Right now he is sitting in my dads old rocking chair watching Little Einsteins. He is a total mama's boy and granted its my fault. I held him all the time when he was an infant and I still hold him when he wants to be held. I can't help it. The next two weeks we will be hanging out, just the two of us. There is nothing I would rather do more than spend time with William Edward.
My Mother's Day was great. William gave me his card and so did David. We spent the day playing and then last night David surprised me with flowers and dinner at the Melting Pot. YUMMY!! I can always count on him to make my day a little brighter. Its getting time to head out. I have to go watch presentations today and William is going to my father in laws.

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