Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Almost Over!!

Yeah only 2 weeks of econ 33 left. the other classes are a breeze. David and I are loving the new car, especially me since I drive it all the time. We are packing to move. This weekend we are getting all of the pcitures, books and things like that. Then next weekend will hopefully be the big move with the rest of the stuff. I am looking forward not to have that 45 min drive to school. We are going back to talk to the lady about the house loan and tell her the student loans are on their way to getting paid. I think once I graduate, then we will make the full decision as to where we want to live. Right now it is between Denham Springs and North Carolina. Our goal is to not have much debt when we buy a house, although seeing as how we just bought a new suv, hmmm...but other things are getting paid off. David is working late again tonight and i need to get studying and fix something for supper.

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