Friday, July 11, 2008


ok..still no car. we went to a new dealership and things are better. i should have went there in the first place, because my dad's buddy works there. he put our minds at ease and hopefully we will know something today. thats about it. David and I will start packing this weekend. we are going to go ahead and ge tthe change of address forms and things like that. Ihave to run errands this morning to get a certificate of heirship for my car since my dads name is on it also. the previous dealership never told us of such. i called the notary lady that i know, and she confirmed it, so i will pay a visit to her today. my mom and i have to sign it. i have not seen her in a week, so it should be interesting. she is spending time with her "whatever" today. i can honestly say i will not miss living here. i moved back here because of my dad, and ever since he died, she has turned into a mean, hateful, depicable, person. oh yeah and the married man she sees, well he tells her what to do when it comes to david and i. so i hope she gets what she wants. he has already told her he will not leave his wife and his oldest kid is 2 yrs younger than my my mom is can figure out the rest. william is waking up...bye

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